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Frozen January

My youngest sister, Haleigh, loves Frozen. Big shocker. My mother and I recently decided we are going to transform her bedroom into the Frozen castle (Stay tuned). We waited for the after Christmas sales and made out like bandits with .25 cent snowflakes of all shapes and sizes and $3 and $5 white and blue flashing icicle and snowflake lights along with other 70% off decor perfect for the occasion. Since her 5th birthday was January 5th, we thought it would be awesome to use those for her Frozen themed birthday party before they find their new home.

As she left for "special bithday time" with Dad, we began transforming the living room. Paper, plastic, and ornamental snowflakes were hung on the ceiling along with the awesome mood setting lights. The blue glow certainly made me feel colder. We covered the couches with blue sheets to appear frozen and added buffalo snow to the couch backs and along shelves throughout the room. This small touch may have been Haleigh's favorite as she later balled them into snowballs and tossed them into the air singing, "Do you want to build a snowman?"

Her birthday seat was also covered in buffalo snow and adorned with silver sparkling cones we also picked up during the sales for .10 cent. It was a seat fit for an Ice Princess. Behind her was a grand castle window.....or three blue and white long mirrors ($15 total) lined with more snow.

They reflected the "floating" snowflakes exquisitely for a majestic feel that had this Princess smiling from ear to ear as she prepared to eat her Elsa cake and drink her Frozen punch (recipe found on Pinterest).