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How Does a Murder Mystery Party Work?


Step One


Guests arrive at party in character

Each guest receives a detailed character description in their invitation along with some background information on the party.


Step Two


Host reads an introduction to the party

This explains how the night is to proceed.


Step Three


Guests receive a prepared envelope with information and objectives

Guests start mingling and verbally sleuthing as they enjoy the party.


Step Four




Step Five


Investigator reads a short synopsis of how to proceed

Guests get more info and objectives and continue sleuthing as party continues.


Step Six


Investigator presents evidence

Guests review evidence before making final accusations


Step Seven


Host hands out accusation sheets

Guests guess the murderer and vote for best dressed, best acting, etc.


Step Eight


Murderer is revealed!

Investigator reads explanation and host hands out awards.

That's it! No pencils. No scripts. No complicated process. And a "real live murder" at the party! The murder is solved by mingling and sleuthing, allowing everyone to participate fully to the extent that they feel comfortable doing so. This sets the stage for much spontaneity and insures every party is kept lively!

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