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ARTISTS...If you create one-of-a-kind, handmade items and/or art or offer a professional service such as photography, music, catering, etc, that would qualify as Younique...please reach out to me,especially if love to create but not running a business. You can leave the last part to me. I would love to see a portfolio and read a short bio to see if we could work together. I am especially interested in items created by upcycling and green materials.




I believe we can all help each other. We all have different skills and offerings and can build a network with earning potential for all of us. You see, I could never make a living off my crafting alone as it takes me quite a while. I can't sell my items for the price that would make a good hourly wage for the time put in. So, I thought I could supplement my income by helping other crafters. Then, I thought, "what if I could help other crafters supplement their income, too?" This is how it works...




Makers of Products: There is no cost unless you sell something. I charge a 10% fee  (or $10, whichever is less) for each item you sell. In return you receive:


  • Online Store Space Managed by Me

  • Marketing

  • Network of Friends


You simply send me pictures and a description of your work and I'll post them to the site with your name listed. For items you have already made and have available, I use the exact picture and include "Available" in the description. However, many items will be made-to-order and for those I will put the client in contact with you for details before purchase. The items are purchased through my site and shipping is added. I ask all items be mailed (using the most economical method) to the client within 2-4 weeks. Clients may request sooner turn-around and that depends on your availablity. At the end of the month, you will notify me of any shipping costs (please keep receipts). On the 5th of each month I will send you a check for the prior month's sales minus 10% of each item and shipping costs.


Unlike other sites for selling your handmade gifts and art, you don't have to run the shop yourself- upload photos, write descriptions, predetermine shipping, advertise, etc.


Providers of Services: If you have a Younique style of photography, music, baking, cake decorating, cooking, massage, etc., I would love to feature you on my site under the Events section including a link to your own site if you have one. I only ask you occassionally provide me with discounted pricing for myself or a client I plan an event for. This will all be on the honor system and pricing will be at your discretion. I may or may not need your services in the future.


REFER to Supplement your Income! 


Since the price of our love and time cannot be placed on our crafts and work, I'd like to help supplement your income. If you refer another artist with a Younique style I decide to feature on the site, you'll receive 3.5% of every item they sell! You can refer as many crafters as you know.


JUST THINK...If this spreads, think about the ways we can help the world and the art we can share! Making the world a better place. Keeping it local and original! Please, I would love to hear from you!



COMING SOON........... All Artists will have a profile here.













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